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Designed for making pizza… For years I have been making pizza every Friday night. Starting with flour, water, yeast, and olive oil, and then hand knead the dough. Once ready, I would use my Ikea rolling pin, but remove the handles. Noticing that it’s size was not optimal, I made several versions of various sizes and found one that made it so much easier to use when rolling out pizza dough.

This rolling pin is perfectly sized and easy to maneuver. This 2″ diameter by 12″ is a good combo for rolling and tossing a pizza dough. Hand rolling with your palms is easier on the joints and more comfortable. Your palms are better able to control and stretch the springy pizza dough.

This pizza rolling pin is made from a sustainable wood selection of solid walnut, sanded to a smooth finish and given a natural food safe finish to preserve and protect.

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