Badger Brush

The Shave Brush Kit


This complete kit includes everything needed to use, care, and stow the shaving brush. All packaged in a protective wood tray for display and storing.

This item includes:

- Shave Brush: Badger* hair shaving brush with walnut wood handle. Each handle is hand turned in our shop and given a natural matte finish (No harmful VOC’s). This is a high quality silver tip badger brush that can be used to froth mug style shaving soap and invigorate the hairs prior to a classic shave.

- Mug style Soap: Our favorite mug style shaving soap. With hot water and some quick wisps from the right brush, making these frothy warm suds are worth it.

- Design Tray: Handmade in our shop, this solid walnut wood tray showcases 1 of 6 hand printed Labyrimaze designs. A removable leather strap is used to hold your shaving items and the tray is compatible to fit into the Harvest Beard box. Each tray design and color may be different from pictured.

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*Badger hair is super absorbent, retaining heat and water so well that it froths mug style shaving soap into a whip that ensures the face is adequately lubricated prior to shaving. Highly preferable over the unmatched boar hair.