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This complete kit includes everything needed to use, care, and stow the double edge safety razor. All packaged in a protective wood tray with sleeve for display and storing.

This item includes:

- Shaving Razor: Classic double edge (DE*) shaving razor with walnut wood handle. Each handle is hand turned in our shop and given a natural matte finish (No harmful VOC’s). The razor head is durable metal with chrome finish and is considered a favorite among those starting out in classic DE shaving.

- DE Blades: Variety pack of 4 disposable blades to refill the DE safety razor. Each shaver responds differently to blades, this is an opportunity to try our favorites.

- Shave Oil: a mixture of light oils that relax on the skin providing a smooth gliding surface for classic wet shaving razors. Apply lightly to the face prior to use with or without shaving soap. The razor will more easily glide down the face while using proper wet shaving movements.

- Design Tray: Handmade in our shop, this solid walnut wood tray has a removable leather strap used to hold your shaving items. Tray is compatible to fit into the Beard/Shave box. Each tray design and color may be different from pictured.