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Those boots demand a tune-up from time to time; leather is a natural material that needs maintenance. Our shoe & boot products promote the old adage of care and repair. This set is perfect for restoring boots and shoes to that prime condition so they last.

This item is for BLACK boots and shoes and contains:
(1) Black Shoe Polish – Made with natural ingredients to clean, rejuvenate and restore leather.
(1) Dauber – Solid wood handle to securely grip and penetrate polish into leather.
(1) Buffing Cloth – Super absorbent and use to briskly rub polish to a healthy glow.
(1) Boot Brush – 100% horse hair is necessary to safely stroke leather without damaging, yet spreading an even coat.
(1) Storage Tube – Reusable decorative container with secure metal cap.

Heel & Toe products are a new standard in shoe, boot, and leather care. Not your typical shoeshine, this versatile approach to shoe maintenance caters to the adventurer, the camper, the biker, the hiker, as well as dapper businessman. Those battle-worn boots demand love from time to time, they need conditioning so they will last as long as they were intended.

Browse our family of polishes, mix and match to create the perfect kit specific to your type of shoe and lifestyle. Try our HotWax polish! We’ve reinvented the game by applying a HotWax to your shoes that is unmatched. It creates an amazing shine and actually makes the process enjoyable.