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Harvest Beard Full Set: Designed to hold all the essentials to shaving and beard grooming. Four removable tray compartments house the main elements; razor kit, shaving brush kit, grooming kit, and beard brush kit.

These boxes are solid walnut wood, hand printed and made in our workshop. Genuine leather strapping secures items and lid in place.


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  1. Jay
    February 22, 2016

    I *truly* hate shaving since my face uslulay turns red for a day ( especially when using an electric device).BUT:Last time I bought new razors was somewhere in 2006.How I’ve survived?Simply: scrub the beard before killing it. It makes life a lot easier.A (heavy) beard is nothing but an ongoing session that needs to be killed every now and then.It’s worse than DBMS_JOB being able to revitalize itself until a max of 16 tries.Is it a ‘bug’ or a ‘feature’? :-)

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