Olfactory and the Moustache

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There were several people that inspired me towards this bearded adventure, one of them is a good friend known here as Grifter. I want to re-share his early post regarding the moustache.


as i regrow the obligatory winter stache, i am reminded that moustaches are like snowflakes–no two are exactly alike. the other glorious fact about the uniqueness of a moustache is that no two moustaches have the same smell.

“smell?” you might say.

“smell,” i would respond.

of the 5 moustaches i have grown in my life, each has had its own distinct scent, its subtle waft, a threshold essence, if you must (‘must’ a very much intended pun). like the discernment of hops or grapes by libations experts, detecting the smell-stamp of your moustache is a high art.

some of my moustache smell detections:

-The softly musty Houndstooth jacket (with leather professor elbow patches) that somehow wandered into your parent’s hall closet–and will remain there forever.

-The frayed strands of an aged jute rope, most likely used to tow something that smelled slightly of freshly cut teak.

-A brown paper lunch bag factory (i’d imagine)

-A bark plant, aflame

And the smell of this winter’s moustache (so far my least favorite of all, and a scent that has me “perfuming” my moustache daily):

-Goretex gloves, put away wet in the spring, pulled back out for a snowball fight (very earthy with a hint of wool)



Used by permission from Grifter: http://www.flimshaw.org/2008/12/olfactory-and-moustache.html