Harvest Beard Co – The Brand

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We created Harvest Beard Co. to remind men who they are and to have dignity and stewardship in being a man.

The Harvest Beard Co brand strives to rejuvenate the classic art of beard grooming and shaving. We use quality materials that reflect environment friendly choices that can be enjoyed throughout life.

These products are designed to re-invigorate the classic shaving/grooming ritual. Prior to any shave/groom, hot (very hot) soak the towel on the face for several minutes. This relaxes the hairs and opens the pores. While waiting, place the mug with mug soap inside into the hot sink water. This warms and softens the soap. Remove the water from the mug and with a badger brush, whisk the mug soap into a frothy warm cream, which lathers even more onto the face. After the shaving/grooming, soak the towel in cold water and rinse the face. The cold water clears off any residue and closes the pores.


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