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A true Harvest Beard is seasonal, but of course you choose the season terms (ex. Daily, Weekly, Movember, Winter Beard, etc). As your beard starts off, be sure to note the hairs growth direction and get a sense of the beard lines you’ll want to maintain. This will help when we talk about shaving the beard contours.

Those first few beard attempts are tough once you reach the itchy stage. Hairs are coarse and tend to poke and irritate the skin. This is usually the moment when you want to quit and shave, but with a little patience and the right treatment you can overcome the itch. Use oils like argan that soften hairs and give the skin a boost with jojoba oil to seal in moisture. After a while the skin adjusts to its hairy friend and the itch fades.

As the beard fills out you’ll want to regularly maintain it. First consider shaving its perimeter, which defines its style and accentuates its form. The neck line will adjust as the beard grows in length and at some point will fade from the maintenance list. Next, consider plans for other focus features like the mustache, soul patch, and chops. Use sharp scissors that don’t jam or pull hairs, but ones that cut nicely as facial hair is highly sensitive. It helps to trim up with a small fine toothed comb that holds tight to the skin surface. With practice you’ll come to learn control of these implements and adjust to maintaining your growing beard.

After cleaning the beard, be sure it’s dried and cared for. Moisture caught below can start to smell and its not too pleasant sitting right below the nose. Start by toweling it off, then with a good boar hair beard brush wick away remaining water. The beard brush also massages the skin underneath and removes that flaky dead skin. Use beard oils and balms that are good for skin and hair. That same beard brush will help distribute those products deep under the hairs to reach the skin.

Food and drink are constant obstacles, but with practice and good styling products beards can be easy and worth it. We offer a complete beard grooming box set that includes everything needed to maintain a mans facial hair. And hope to include a few new amenities in the near future. Please see our listings for more information:

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